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33 Random Acts of Kindness

Why 33?  Because I turn 33 next month!  To honor the years I’ve been on this planet I want to complete the following random acts of kindness:

  • For Work
    • Send an encouraging email
    • Write a positive sticky note
    • Take a day of no complaining
  • Online
    • Share a favorite recipe
    • Write 5 positive comments on social media
  • To Connect With Old Friends
    • Send a postcard
    • Send an inspirational book
    • Ship a care package
    • Call an old friend once a week and chat
  • For My Community
    • Run/walk a 5K
    • Donate used towels and blankets to a shelter
    • Gift cookies to neighbors
    • By lemonade from one of the kids’ stands in our neighborhood
    • Hold a teddy bear drive
    • Clean gym equipment
    • Thank someone every week
    • Let someone go in front of me in line
    • Return shopping carts for others at the grocery store
    • Purchase extra dog/cat food and/or litter for an animal shelter
    • Leave a box of goodies for the mail carrier
    • Donate 10” of my hair
  • For Self
    • Drink more water!
    • Have a judgment free day
    • Focus on what I’m grateful for
    • Write a kind message to yourself in the mirror
  • For Environment
    • Hang clothes to dry
    • Pick up pieces trash on my walks
    • Replace light bulbs in my house with energy efficient bulbs
    • Replace my water heater
    • Take shorter showers/turn off the water in the shower when I lather
    • Take the car in for regular check-ups
    • Plant a tree
  • For Partner
    • Create a paper heart box for Jordan with compliments

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