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Little Free Pantry Meet Over Bake Section

About ten years ago I lived in a shed in a friend’s grandparents’ backyard.  I didn’t have enough money or support to take care of myself so they let me live there rent-free for nine months to get back on my feet.  During this time I became lactose intolerant because I didn’t have a way to refrigerate food.  I primarily lived off carbs, fruit, water, and veggies via shift meals at the restaurants I worked.

My life is a lot different now and I definitely have a lot to be grateful for: I own my home, have a steady job (a few actually), a great partner, and generally okay fur babies.  I still remember what it was like to scramble to figure out how to feed myself and the way I give back is bread donations to the many Athens’ Little Free Pantries (LFP).

Thinking you don’t have enough money to donate bread?  You do!  Almost every grocery store with a bakery has an over bake section.  When I grocery shop I swing by the over bake and grab the healthiest bread they have.  Usually this doesn’t cost me more than $2 to purchase.  (See the pic above?  This bag cost me $0.99 for 4 whole wheat bollilo rolls, aka demi baguettes).

If you have more than $2 to spend head over to the reduced cost section where items have passed the expiration date, one item in a pack is missing, or the store is phasing something out.  I try to grab items that don’t need to be heated or refrigerated in case the person grabbing the item doesn’t have access to hot water or a refrigeration system.  Baby food, grab-and-go oatmeal, protein shakes, and canned veggies are all great options.

We have many Little Free Pantry locations in Athens to drop these items off and all of them usually need materials.  I recommend the LFP in front of the Athens Area Homeless Shelter on Barber Street as it’s typically empty.  Happy giving!


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