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Must See Summer Classics

For me summer is all about block busters – films with grand film scores, giant monsters (literal and figurative), brilliant action sequences, and breakout performances.  I lean toward action and sci-fi genres because these genres often portray women as empowered or going through the journey toward empowerment.  In these genres women play with gender norms and often have more fully formed character arcs.

  • “Jurassic Park” – the car scene with the night goggles?!  The velociraptor pack?!  Jeff Goldblum as a sex symbol?!!  Brilliant.
  • “Raiders of the Lost Ark”
  • “Star Wars” – the original trilogy were all released during the summer from 1977 – 1983.  I suggest hosting a marathon with friends ESPECIALLY friends who have never seen the original three (side note: HOW ARE THERE STILL PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER SEEN THE ORIGINAL THREE?!  And why would you call them friends?!)
  • “Independence Day” – Will Smith’s debut as an action hero and again, Jeff freakin’ Goldblum
  • “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” – Linda Hamilton’s portrayal of Sarah Conner emerging as a badass from the asylum is empowering.  Plus, her wardrobe if phenomenal.  And Robert Patrick’s T-1000 is terrifying.
  • “Fried Green Tomatoes – good ole Southern fun.  And possibly cannibalism.

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