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Weekly Meal Prep: List and Review

Every Sunday I make enough food to (hopefully) last the entire week.  The goal is to have healthy and nutritious food ready and available whenever I get hungry because finding quick vegan food for low blood sugar isn’t always easy. So I give you this week’s meal prep!  From top left to right: Crowd-pleasing vegan Caesar salad  Cut up pineapple Pra Ram Tofu Tangelos Vegan jack fruit ‘pulled pork’ tacos with pineapple Cacao energy bites Vegan buffalo ‘chicken’ salad Week’s Review: Best meal: the vegan jack fruit ‘pulled pork’ tacos were AMAZING!  Super easy to reheat, well-balanced sauce, the jack fruit does a great job of mimicking pork, and it kept all week! Worst meal: Pra Ram Tofu but only because the peanut butter sauce was a bit too sweet for me.