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Fast Fashion: Cladwell’s Shift

Now, truth is I find myself wanting to buy more clothes when I feel like my life and my body are out of control.  Between expenses piling up and binge eating it’s clear I’m  running away from the ick I feel.  In fact I caught myself last week cruising cheap clothes online to get my quick endorphin fix. And then, I remember Cladwell.  Cladwell’s mission is to reduce the number of clothes we have and beat perpetual fast fashion consuming our lives.  The encourage folks to have fewer, higher quality clothes.  They have this amazing app I use to get dressed. Yes, the app is $7.99/month but well worth it if it keeps you from buying more clothes.  They also have a blog offering styling help to get us thinking more creatively with what we already own. Listen here to founder Blake Smith’s vision on how to break our consumerism and feeding into the lie that we’re somehow incomplete.

You Made It Weird: Naomi Ekperigin

Naomi Ekperigin.  Repeat after me: Naomi Ehk-pear-eh-ghen.  Now repeat again and again until you get it right because she is a gem among mundane mountains of stale, re-purposed comedy.  The wonderful Pete Holmes (who I’ve been growing to love via his radiant show “Crashing” which shows his early days in comedy as a new divorcee after growing up in a deep religious upbringing) featured her on his podcast “You Made It Weird” where you can see why she’s poised to take on her own show. Favorite quotes from the episode: “This is why in therapy they don’t let you see the notes.” “We’ve been together for 8 years and been to a lot of weddings – I don’t want people sitting at a circular table, waiting on some chicken breast, and making small talk with somebody’s cousin.” “I present as Alpha but I’m very deeply Beta.” “I love a funny awkward.  If you’re on the spectrum I’m into you.” “I was always into one-night stands for the intimate cuddle.” “It’s almost a microaggression to tell …

Sooo Many White Guys: #20 Phoebe and Melissa Harris-Perry Catch Some White Tears

  Been listening to a lot of “Sooo Many White Guys” on my walks around the neighborhood lately.  The show’s Executive Director is Ilana Glazer of “Broad City” fame, the host is Phoebe Robinson from “2 Dope Queens” fame, and interviews talent from non-cis gendered, queer, black, Latino/a/x, feminist spheres since so much of our media and especially comedy spaces are occupied by straight white men. In this episode Pheobe Robinson chats with Melissa Harris-Perry who is a bombass political scientist, television host, and political commentator.  The episode delves into growing up as a biracial kid in Virigina in the 1970s, intersectionality of race and womanhood, Oh – and her college advisor was Maya FREAKIN’ Angelou! Favorite quotes from the episode: “Let’s be clear about white ladies who voted for Trump – white women haven’t voted in a majority for a Democratic candidate since the 1960s.  Why would anyone be surprised?  Is someone unconscious?!” “[The Democratic Party’s] inability, incapacity, and unwillingness to see the leadership in black, brown, and young folks is its own undoing.” “[My …