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Friday Favs: 07/20/18

“My Search for Sly Stone” – one man’s decade long journey to find the former front man of Sly and the Family Stone.   73 Questions with Saoirse Ronan – love her accent, her style, and her overall grounded approach to her work.   State Rep. Janelle Bynum was campaigning in a neighborhood in her district when a resident called the police on her—because she thought Bynum, a black woman, was “spending a lot of time at homes and appearing to be casing the neighborhood while on her phone.”  After the police were called Rep. Bynum highlighted the positive interaction she had with the deputy in her own situation (they event took a selfie together!) after which she started the hashtag #LetsBeBetterNeighbors, where she called for people to support and trust one another and declared her intention to continue coming up to their front steps.  Your challenge: Be A Better Neighbor.   10 Shoe Essentials that Always Have Your Back – and I love that she also provides her posts en espanol.

Friday Favorites: 07/06/18

Check out our Summer Classic Movies recs!   50 Positive Affirmations – for any time, for all time.   This piece by former “Great British Bake Off” contestant Ruby Tandoh on her struggles to become who she is in a world that wants her to be something else, and a lost moment with a friend who was told she was too provocative in her work.  Through the piece she rectifies her lost opportunity and ends in an act of solidarity: “You’ll always be a salty bitch,’ I should have said, ‘and that’s exactly why you matter. I’m a salty bitch, too. I’m so pleased we exist.’   Jonathan Van Ness started as my least favorite member of the Fab Five but the more I get to know about him the more I’m so happy he proved me wrong.  Between his hilarious work with Funny or Die on “Gay of Thrones” or his insightful podcast “Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness” he is clearly a multi-dimensional and talented person.  Excited about his next adventure!   Recently …