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“Queer Eye” Makes Me Believe Again

The most positive, encouraging, and uplifting thing in this shit storm right now is the reboot of “Queer Eye.”  Chalk full of acceptance and personal growth, these five gay men guide a straight man in each episode to leveling up his grooming, style, culinary, home, and self-confidence game. This season all takes place in Georgia and I curious to see how they dealt with different worldviews from more traditionally-minded folk.  I was pleasantly surprised to see wonderful exchanges on perspectives and respectful discourse on issues such as police brutality, gender norms in gay relationships, and religious intolerance of gay folks. While I might not agree with the perspectives shared, what I found most insightful was how they modeled engaging in a difficult dialogue.  So often (especially in the traditional South) people shy away from engaging in conversation on controversial topics such as the ones mentioned above.  The problem avoidance creates is ignorance.  While experiential learning feels gross, it is one of the best ways to transform the dysfunctional ways we see the world. Challenge: think …

Fast Fashion: Cladwell’s Shift

Now, truth is I find myself wanting to buy more clothes when I feel like my life and my body are out of control.  Between expenses piling up and binge eating it’s clear I’m  running away from the ick I feel.  In fact I caught myself last week cruising cheap clothes online to get my quick endorphin fix. And then, I remember Cladwell.  Cladwell’s mission is to reduce the number of clothes we have and beat perpetual fast fashion consuming our lives.  The encourage folks to have fewer, higher quality clothes.  They have this amazing app I use to get dressed. Yes, the app is $7.99/month but well worth it if it keeps you from buying more clothes.  They also have a blog offering styling help to get us thinking more creatively with what we already own. Listen here to founder Blake Smith’s vision on how to break our consumerism and feeding into the lie that we’re somehow incomplete.

Little Free Pantry Meet Over Bake Section

About ten years ago I lived in a shed in a friend’s grandparents’ backyard.  I didn’t have enough money or support to take care of myself so they let me live there rent-free for nine months to get back on my feet.  During this time I became lactose intolerant because I didn’t have a way to refrigerate food.  I primarily lived off carbs, fruit, water, and veggies via shift meals at the restaurants I worked. My life is a lot different now and I definitely have a lot to be grateful for: I own my home, have a steady job (a few actually), a great partner, and generally okay fur babies.  I still remember what it was like to scramble to figure out how to feed myself and the way I give back is bread donations to the many Athens’ Little Free Pantries (LFP). Thinking you don’t have enough money to donate bread?  You do!  Almost every grocery store with a bakery has an over bake section.  When I grocery shop I swing by the …

Weekly Meal Prep: List and Review

Every Sunday I make enough food to (hopefully) last the entire week.  The goal is to have healthy and nutritious food ready and available whenever I get hungry because finding quick vegan food for low blood sugar isn’t always easy. So I give you this week’s meal prep!  From top left to right: Crowd-pleasing vegan Caesar salad  Cut up pineapple Pra Ram Tofu Tangelos Vegan jack fruit ‘pulled pork’ tacos with pineapple Cacao energy bites Vegan buffalo ‘chicken’ salad Week’s Review: Best meal: the vegan jack fruit ‘pulled pork’ tacos were AMAZING!  Super easy to reheat, well-balanced sauce, the jack fruit does a great job of mimicking pork, and it kept all week! Worst meal: Pra Ram Tofu but only because the peanut butter sauce was a bit too sweet for me.